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Sonic Facial Cleanser and Massager

Some individuals cleanse their face maybe once a day, then their people cleanse their face twice a day, and then comes people like us who feel so paranoid while stepping outside of their home, thinking that dust/pollution will cling to our faces and will kill it softly. You might think how clumsy we’re but trust me this is how our inherent system behaves whenever it steps outside of its comfort zone under the clear, blue sky.

We subconsciously believe our skin is like a magnet that will attract both dust and free radicals from the outside environment and will stick to our skin, therefore, causing breakouts and all the other anomalies, once we venture out in the open spaces. That’s why for us cleansing our face twice, thrice or even four times a day is considered normal.

However, does cleansing your face multiple times a day have any positive effect on your skin? Perhaps, we’re a bunch of confused people trying to figure out what’s best for our skin. Because we put cleansing and exfoliation on the same equal footing thinking that cleansing is similar to exfoliation, hence it will remove all the dust particles from our skin, maintaining its status quo and regaining its original form. However, the situation is starkly different.

 Cleansing only offers you protection from free radicals and pollution on the skin surface. Whereas exfoliation helps in going deep inside of your skin pores and drive out unwanted particles it is the most desired process through which you can not only remove toxins from your skin but also helps in the purging of dead skin cells and rejuvenation of new skin cells.

By taking the auxiliary support of some exfoliation tools you can regain the charm of your skin without stroking it countless times, tools such as skinscrub gentle exfoliation toolkit this product tend to go deep inside your skin pores scrapping the dust and dead skin cells from your body, face, and neck. This tool is made up of viscose fiber that doesn’t get harsh on your skin and offers you wide protection against pollution, dust, and free radicals. That makes it one of the best facial cleanser and massager in India.

Ideally, exfoliation should be done once a week or, it can also be done once in a fortnight. Just make sure you buy face care products online in India, to get the desired glow.

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