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Brightening Treat Vitamin C + Niacinamide Face Serum

Looking at the various trending TikTok skincare hacks gives me a series of PTSD (pun intended) and I swear every time I watch these kinds of short videos even for half an hour I become paranoid. Viewing many girls on their early teen being TikTok influencer cum skincare expert, cum beauty expert cum creative influencers, being vocal about subjects that they learn through unverified sources is more or less a blasphemy. 

So in of the widely circulated, trending video I am not sure if you have watched it but I will tell you what was there in that video a young girl piercing her hands and neck with needles claiming it to be a skincare hack for anti-aging, it looks more like a sadistic movie plot rather than a skincare hack and all the people who are reading this for the love of god!! Please don’t try this at home.

 There is too much hype behind DIY skincare/beauty hacks and they have been made popular through social media platforms, some of them are really good. However, most of them are nothing just a blatant display of quackery propagated without an iota of knowledge. Devising your own skincare products are somewhat harmless only if you have enough knowledge on blending, formulating different ingredients according to their PH level, safety, and skin bearability index. If not, then trust me it’s more like putting your skin health at stake even if your skin is pretty much tolerable to these kinds of experiments, it’s not scientifically advisable to throw it down under the bus by doing such DIY skincare practices.

Making your own skincare products is not easy if you’re not a chemist, however, there are some ground rules if you still insist to learn the art of DIY skincare. First research about your body type and skin type to get the crux of what ingredients will perform better in your outer skin for that you can simply schedule your appointment with your nearest dermatologist or an Ayurvedic doctor who will be able to tell your body type and skin type by this information you will be able to understand the concept of what will potentially work for your skin and whatnot.

The second most important thing in making DIY skincare is blending the right mix of the right ingredients according to their essence so that it doesn’t end up being toxic or cause harm to your skin. To do this you have to carefully research every ingredient that has to be matched with other ingredients and how well both react while mixing.

The third and final most important thing is when you’re working towards restoring your skin balance doesn’t just look out for natural skincare products or ingredients, some of the best chemical ingredients are quite skin-friendly that will have an ultimate effect on your skin.

Well, this must be all making DIY products for your skin, I hope you like it.

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